How to make you and your team extremely happy and productive.

`These days, there are lots of guides for remote work, with lots of good ideas. But the logistics and social dynamics of successful remote arrangements can be quite subtle.
I’ve been working on and leading remote teams for two decades, and I’m going to share a bunch of tips that I’ve seen covered rarely or never before. When you know these, you can be more intentional, and thus more successful, on distributed teams.

First, let’s note that not all distributed teams are the same. There are fully remote teams with no shared physical space; partially remote teams where some people work in an office and others work from home; satellite offices where people work in the company’s physical spaces but not in the same ones as their teammates; and various variations on these themes. Many of the tips here apply equally to each of these setups. But some setups — in particular those in which many people are in one office and others are not — require deeper diagnoses and more systemic solutions to really thrive.

In addition, there can be different roles in distributed work. They may include people who manage distributed teams or who manage individuals in another location; individuals who are remote from their team or manager; people at HQ who work with remote folks or people in satellite offices; and company leaders who can set norms. I’ve structured this piece by role, to help give you clarity about how you can have — and help create — the best experience.`

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